Leena Ghannam is an Assistant Curator for the AlMadar galleries in the Islamic Arts Biennale 2025. She is also an M.A. student of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo and serves as the Caption Coordinator and Newsletter Editor of Khamseen–Islamic Art History Online. Leena graduated with high honors from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in 2020 with a  B.A. in History of Art and English with a minor in Museum Studies.

In 2021, Leena curated nine digital "stories" on the art, architecture, and heritage of Gaza on the Google Arts and Culture platform with the support of the Barakat Trust. During their M.A. in Egypt, Leena worked as a researcher for the "Patterns of Cairo" project with Megawra-The Built Environment Collective, and as an archive manager at the Nadim Foundation. She was also employed as a long-term research assistant for the “Tracing Purple Porphyry” project under the direction of Dr. Linda Gosner. Leena worked with the Keir Collection at the Dallas Museum of Art and the Wayne State University Art Collection.